Renderforest Review – Best All-In-One Branding PLatform

Renderforest Review – Best All-In-One Branding PLatform
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Multimedia-related projects and presentations are now one of the key aspects of growth and sustainability for all kinds of businesses anyplace in the world, regardless of whether either online or in the offline mode.

The art of creating and presenting visually attractive video and images and much more. is a great way to increase the effectiveness of a business.

Effective presentations can assist you to communicate your idea and effectively conveying your message and increase your conversions and sales. They also create an impression that is beneficial for your clients.

If you’re in search of an affordable and reliable method to achieve the same results , you should have a look at the Renderforest Review.

What is Renderforest ?

Renderforest is an online platform that was launched by the year 2013 to serve the intention of assisting non-specialist users create professional Intro Video at a reasonable cost, and as fast as possible with Websites and Logos. Its rapid expansion of YouTubers across the globe has significantly contributed to the development of Renderforest.

In particular, it’s an all-in-one branding platform which allows you to make videos, logos, graphics, videos mockups, websites and even logos. It also lets you customize or modify the templates available on the platform.

Review Pros and Cons of Renderforest

No matter what product or services you find there will always be pros and pros and.

You know that you’re not a fan of consequences. To be real, it’s almost impossible to locate a good product that doesn’t have negative consequences.

However, Renderforest has both positive and negative sides.

The pros

  • Easy to use
  • Limitless features
  • User-friendly
  • Perfect choice for social media influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers
  • A huge video template library for all your need (800+)
  • Fast and Smooth user-interface
  • A free version with basic features is available (export with watermark)
  • Get access to 500K+ stock videos
  • You can export up to 30-minute videos
  • Build beautiful websites or landing pages
  • Full-color customization
  • 24/7 free customer support
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Simplified editing process
  • No technical or design skills are required
  • Up to 40GB of storage
  • Custom fonts
  • Commercial music tracks
  • Fast rendering
  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • Consumers can pay per export, no monthly or yearly subscription is required

The cons

  • The free version has limited features (360p quality video export with watermark)
  • “Pay per Product” pricing is extremely high for a single video
  • The final video project preview is not so convincing to me
  • Logo maker is less powerful
  • No 720p/1080p preview.
  • Sometimes the video rendering takes longer time than expected

Renderforest Review – Best Features You Should Know

A few of the most important features that are unique to Renderforest will be described below.

Video Maker

Renderforest offers a range of video templates that will meet your requirements. Promotional videos with animations, INTROS, logo reveals motion typography and music visualization are only a few names.

There are several templates you can download from this area…

Animation Templates for Video

Animation Video Templates

  • Explainer Animation
  • Product Or Service Promotion
  • Opener Animation
  • Restaurant Promo Animation
  • Hospitality Service Promotion
  • Real Estate’s Promotion
  • Whiteboard Animation Toolkit
  • Movie Trailer And Other Promotional Video Templates
  • etc

Online Video Intro Templates

Online Video Intro Templates

  • YouTube Video Intros
  • 3D Logo Reveals
  • Minimal Logo Unveiled
  • Exploding and Burning Uncovers
  • Particles Logo Reveals
  • Glitch Logo Unveiled
  • Hi-Tech Logo Unveiled
  • Smoke Logo Unveiled
  • Cinematic Intros
  • Multicolor Blast Logo Intros

Slideshow Templates

Slideshow Templates

  • Corporate Slideshow
  • Personal Slideshow
  • Happy Birthday Slideshow
  • Love Slideshow
  • Wedding Slideshow
  • Greeting Cards
  • Holiday Slideshow
  • Baby Slideshow
  • Real Estate Slideshow

Presentation Templates

Presentation Templates

  • Corporate
  • Educational
  • Infographics

Templates for Music Visualizers

Music Visualizer Templates

  • With Text holders
  • With holders for photos

Logo Maker

Logo Maker

One of the most notable features of Renderforest is the ability it gives users to design logos by using artificial intelligence. If you’re interested in the art of creating logos, this could assist you in speeding up the process of editing.

Simply type in your brand’s name, then describe your logo using a few words and press enter. In a matter of minutes, Renderforest shows you the best logo design options for your brand or business.

This can help to strengthen your brand’s reputation, make it more recognizable and distinguish against the rest.



Renderforest lets you display your products and brands in the most imaginative method. You can access exclusive mockups that are available on the internet for displaying your merchandise, clothing and even interiors professionally.

The possibility exists to design concepts for the design of business cards as well as logos for branding assets like magazines, books, documents podcasts, and flayers in only a few minutes directly from your web browser.

Website Builder

Website Builder

One of the greatest advantages of Renderforest is that it offers a variety of design tools. Web design is one of the tools can be used to create professional websites or landing pages without any programming expertise.

You can choose from a range of web-based templates. It is possible to use its user-friendly editor to create SEO-friendly, responsive websites and landing pages for absolutely no cost. (No technical skills required!)

Below are the various kinds of websites templates that Renderforest offers…

  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal
  • Event
  • Non-Profits
  • Art

Design Graphics

Design Graphics

Renderforest has just launched an all-new design feature that lets users to create stunning images to share on social media.

You can choose from a range of templates designed by designers and modify them according to your preferences and you’re finished.

You can easily create YouTube Cover videos as well as Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, as and Pinterest posts in only two clicks.

Additionally, you can make flyers, posters, business cards, and presentation cards covers for books, and albums for your promotional materials.

The most appealing aspect lies in the fact Renderforest will be providing reports and event planning shortly.

Compare direct purchase price and group buy Renderforest price at Tool Youtube

Price on the official website

Price from the official website

In terms of cost, they offer flexible terms of payment.

  • Free: $0

500 MB storage; Create 360p videos; Access to thousands of templates, scenes, and presets on mobile or the web; Limited amount of stock footage and images; Create logos in PNG.

  • The Lite : $14.99 /month

10 GB storage; Create unlimited HD720 videos; 1 premium website on your own domain; Full access to 1M+ premium templates, mockups, scenes, and presets; Access to 100K+ stock footage, music, and photos.

  • Pro : $19.99 /month

All of Lite, plus : 30GB storage, Create unlimited HD1080 videos; Full catalog of 5M+ stock footage, music and photos; Branding guidelines for logos; Advanced website control and editing tools.

  • Business: $24.99 per month per seat

All of Pro, plus : 50GB storage per seat, Create unlimited up to 4K videos; 1 premium website on your own domain; Team management; Custom watermarks and multiple branding kits; Reseller license.

Price of group buy Renderforest at Tool Youtube

We have four plans of Renderforest shared Business accounts.

  • Trial : $1
  • Monthly: $8
  • 6months : $37
  • Annual: $65

Why is the price to buy from us cheap ?

  • Most people don’t want expensive tools in their daily life. A group buying toolkit has been created to help groups buy at better price.
  • We pay the developer and then we get the account. Then we share it through our system so that others can also use it.
  • Our price are better but still bring you optimal utility.

Conclusion of Renderforest Review

Our team has been working with Renderforest over the last few some time now but all we’re able to say is it offers a myriad of options.

Because of this, we’ve been able to assist businesses create amazing animations including intros, mockups and intros whiteboard videos, and much more within a matter of minutes.

In addition, we also were able to design social media-related visuals such as landing pages, landing pages, and covers for my e-book personal blog as well as social media profiles.

Renderforest is an all-inclusive solution for those who don’t have the resources, the time or knowledge to handle every aspect of branding and designing their online business , including videos and social media graphics logos, animations and mockups presentation, websites, and presentations. The one tool that you use can take on the weight of your entire business.

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Price from the official website

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  • Personal : $29 /month
  • Business : $59 /month
  • Enterprise : contact sales

Price of group buy Visme

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Price of group buy Viddyoze

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