Flaticon Review – Vector Icons and Stickers

Flaticon Review – Vector Icons and Stickers
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Flaticon is known to be an icon download website which offers thousands of icons for free for its customers. The name itself suggests that the majority of icons on this site are flat and simple in appearance.

According to the website, it hosts around 533,000 vector icons, which are divided into 10,05 packs that are accessible to users. A majority of them are available free of charge. Some require a premium subscription in order to get access to images.

After having used this service over a few days, we decided to offer an explanation of the services to our readers to ensure that you be able to benefit of the services.

Like every other time, in this Flaticon Review, we’ll look at the functions of this site along with the attributes you can expect from the features.

What is Flaticon ?

flaticon home page

Flaticon is a Freepik-owned company with the largest collection of icons available anywhere in the world. While the company claims to be as an icon maker for free, it’s actually the case that it is an freemium service. You can certainly get some icons for free but you can obtain premium icons.

The icons you see will find at Flaticon were available through Freepik. In 2013, Freepik founders decided that they wanted to move icon section on another website, leading to the development Flaticon. Flaticon which is a website that is similar to Freepik.

The icons in Flaticon are available in a variety of formats which you can download and alter the icons to suit your needs.

Flaticon is a website only offers icons. There aren’t any other kinds of images that are available for download from the site. As the name suggests, the icons on the site are flat-colored icons. Flat icons refer to an exclusive design style that blends flat colors in which you will get the least contrast, while also obtaining greater shadow and highlight specifics. It’s impossible to find icons that are glossy using Flaticon.

The variety of icons on the website is incredible. More than 3 million icons available. Many icons are available in bundles. The bundles may contain many icons. For instance, it could be an all-inclusive set of thirty icons as well as 50,.

There are 10,235 icons that are available through Flaticon and all together the icon packs comprise 3 million icons.

Most icons available on the site are free. However, if you’d want to use an image at no cost you must acknowledge the creator of the icon. Certain icons are restricted for premium customers. This means that even if you’ll grant the necessary permissions, you won’t be able to download the icons unless you sign up for a premium subscription.

Pros and Cons of Flaticon

Here are some advantages and disadvantages when using Flaticon :

The pros

  • Beautifully designed icons

Every icon you see on Flaticon is exquisitely designed and will fit into your design easily. The crisp and clean design is perfect if are working on a design task that requires meticulous focus on the smallest of details.

Flaticon icons are created with incredible details, which makes them among the most popular websites for people seeking icons.

  • Free icons

There are plenty of icons available on Flaticon which you can download at no cost. You don’t need to pay fee to use these icons. The only thing you need to do is to give credit to the designer of the icon.

  • Massive database

The collection of icons available on Flaticon is huge. It is likely that you will discover the icon that best meets your needs. It’s obvious that there are certain areas or topics which you won’t find the exact icons you need however the probability of finding one that is close to being suitable is very high.

  • Easy download

Flaticon has made sure the downloading of icons very easy. There are websites that need to follow a series of procedures to download icons. It can be quite frustrating. With Flaticon All you need to do is choose the type of file as well as the icon size, and then hit the button to download! That’s it! The icons will download instantly.

If you’d like you to build an assortment of icons after signing up an account (for no cost) on the site. When you’ve got the collection complete you are able to download all icons in one go. Be aware that users who are free can only download the maximum number of downloads every day.

  • Different formats

Every icon is offered in different formats. There is no need to settle for one format. You can download the format you require. The formats you can download are the following: PNG BASE 64, PSD, EPS, and SVG.

If you choose to use choosing the PNG formats, then you are able to choose the size of the icon, and even the color. For the other formats, you do not need to choose the size since they are flexible formats. You can increase and down depending on your requirements.

  • Icon packs

Finding the individual icons can be extremely difficult. That’s why Flaticon arranges icons into packs. Icon packs include all the related icons. For instance, if are searching for Social Media logos, there’s an entire pack of icons for the most well-known websites on social networks.

This bundle allows you to locate all important icons quickly. That is time-saving I’m sure you’ll agree?

  • Time-saving
  • Mac app

The pros

  • Customer service
  • Limit on download
  • Absolutely horrible policy on refunds

Features of Flaticon

Key features of Flaticon are listed in the sections below.

They provide offer Flaticon free trial

free trial feature

This is an excellent choice for people just starting out their journey, and for those who don’t work all day in design, but want to make cool things. The majority of free versions come with limitations that make them inaccessible however they’re not compatible with Flaticon.

We tried the trial version as our first try and were able to enjoy many advantages from it. I didn’t have to visit a different site to search for icons. With the free version, you can add icons to your library, have access to a variety of icons , and then download the complete collection.

This is great because icons aren’t just for professionals, but are available to anyone with a creative mind. The paid version allows the option of using premium icons but doesn’t require authors to give credit to websites.

A huge library of icons

Flaticon is the most comprehensive collection of icons I’ve seen. They claim to release their most popular icons every month! Each icon is available on this site.

If you’ve made custom icons for your personal then you’re able upload your icons to Flaticon in exchange for Flaticon fees to download your icons.

A huge library of icons

It is possible to save icons

saving icons feature

This is among the most popular features of Flaticon. The ability to store and manage your icons. Before using Flaticon, we downloaded an enormous amount of icons, and trying to manage all icons on my computer. This consumed a significant amount of my time, and also created chaos within my system’s files.

They’ve made this feature an art. If you’re browsing icons on Flaticon, you’ll be able to click”Add to collection “Add to the Collection” button, which will take you to your collection of icons. It’s located on the right edge of the drawer. This will give you an image and will be in a position to look at the icons you’re thinking to design.

Being able to see the entire range of icons makes it more efficient and faster to choose the one that is most suitable for you. There is no need to download numerous files and take up space on your computer.

Multiple options for storing files

Flaticon allows you to download your desired icons using any of the following formats: PNG, SVG, PSD, PSD, Base 64 formats. If you decide to download your icon in the PNG format it is possible to select the desired sizes (16px 32px and 24px ranging from 16px up to 512px) and the colors. That means that you’ll be able to alter the icon before downloading. In other types of formats, there’s not a need for these formats, such as SVG images won’t diminish in quality when they’re enlarged to a large size. That’s why they didn’t include the option of customizing the format.

Icons can be customized

customized icons feature

It is among my most loved features. Alongside the numerous types of file formats, SVG and EPS, designers can make vector-based adjustments as well as changes to icons. I am a dedicated sketch app user.

Generally, I take the time for downloading SVG files. On Sketch, I design my own changes. Sometimes, I apply gradients, develop my own designs, or blend elements to design my own icons.

This is also possible with Illustrator. Because they’re vectors , they’re an ideal starting point for those who want to develop their creativity and create their own distinctive style.

Pattern Creator

Utilizing the Flaticon it is possible to make a pattern by using icons you discover at the site. These patterns can be used for many different purposes for example, as a background image for your site or as a background for your flyer’s flyer and more.

If properly used, patterns can help with branding recognition. If you’d like the chance to experiment in this area, you’re invited to try it. Remember that in order in order to utilize this feature, you need icons. This feature isn’t available when you’re trying to find specific icons.

The process of creating patterns is random. This is, Flaticon can generate random patterns using the icons you’ve chosen You can also create patterns from scratch. There are numerous YouTube videos to help you to comprehend how this feature functions!

The icons available in Flaticon come in a variety of formats that you can download and modify them according to your preferences.

The Flaticon website exclusively offers icons. There aren’t any other types of images available to download on the site. Like the name implies the icons you see on the website represent flat-colored icons. Flat icons simply refer to an exclusive design style which blends flat colors, in which you receive the lowest contrast while achieving better highlight and shadow specifics. It is not possible to find glossy icons with Flaticon.

The selection of icons available on the site is amazing. There are more than three million icons to choose from. Most icons are packaged in bundles. The bundles can include many icons. For example it could be an entire collection of 30 icons, or 50 icons, etc.

In all there are 10,235 icons packs that are available from Flaticon and together the icon packs contain 3 million icons.

The majority of icons on the website are free. However, if you would like to use an image for free, it is necessary to acknowledge the icon’s creator. Certain icons are only available to premium users. That means, even if you state that you’ll provide the required permission, you can’t download these icons unless you pay for an premium subscription.

Compare direct purchase price and group buy Flaticon price at Tool Youtube

Price from the official website

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to go for the excellent alternatives while you can download the icons for nothing? The appropriate response is straightforward, you don’t need to credit the creator each time you utilize the free icons web pages + you will open an enormous number of premium icons and icons free+ your day by day download breaking point will be expanded.

Flaticon will limit the downloads to 40 downloads/day for the non-enrolled clients and 400 downloads/day for the enlisted employments. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are a superior part, you can download icon png up to 2000 icons/day. You can download vectores png icons or iconos vector. Here are the Flaticon plans.

Price from the official website

Flaticon Premium plan

Flaticon at present offers 2 premium membership choices:

  • The Premium Membership for 30 Days: 9.99 EUR /month

This is a month to month membership and will restore each month except if you drop the programmed recharging choice the copyright free icons

  • The Premium Plan for 12-Month: 7.59 EUR /month ; 89.99 EUR /12 months

This is an annual subscription, which is charged at a nominal price, and will renew every 12 months unless you automatically cancel the renewal option.

Flaticon Free vs Premium

Premium supporters will be given the permit to every icon they download. In this way, they don’t have to acknowledge the creator as long as they have the permit. All in all, what plan you will pick?

Flaticon is one of those sites which we would prefer not to miss. In the event that you need some quality icons for nothing, you should look at the Flaticon. We have been utilizing their administration for as long as hardly any months and we are happy with it. Thus, proceed to begin downloading your preferred icons.

Price of group buy Flaticon at Tool Youtube

price of group buy Flaticon at Sharetheme

We offer 3 different options that you can choose when buying a Flaticon Premium shared account

  • Monthly : $5
  • 3 months : $10
  • Annual : $22

You will get :

  • Full licenseForget about having to attribute an illustration with a Premium Subscription. Use any illustration either for commercial or personal use without crediting the author.
  • Exclusive contentYou are a VIP member now. Gain access to our exclusive icons which only Premium Members can download for free.
  • Continuous productionAt Flaticon we are constantly increasing our content available to our users offering the best quality icons in SVG, EPS, PSD and PNG.
  • No adsBrowsing Flaticon just got easier. You can fully focus on your work without any ads.

Note : Each user can downloads 150 icons per day

Conclusion of Flaticon Review

Should you be using Flaticon? Do I recommend it?

Yes, I recommend Flaticon. I have used various services similar to Flaticon and Flaticon itself. In all likelihood,  you are not going to get in touch with the customer service. It is all about finding the right graphic that you need and downloading the right format. There is nothing to troubleshoot.

However, if you do cancel your subscription at some point in time, make sure that you communicate with them properly and you follow the rules of cancellation. There are reports of unauthorized credit card charges.

Barring that issue, there’s nothing bad about Flaticon. I can vouch for the quality of icons that they offer, and that’s what matters the most. So, if you are hunting for a reliable source for some high-quality icons, Flaticon is a great place to start.

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