Top 5 Best Lumen5 Alternatives: Better Video Creation Tools For Your Business

Top 5 Best Lumen5 Alternatives: Better Video Creation Tools For Your Business
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Video content plays a big role in today’s digital marketing space. With Lumen5, businesses have been able to easily create high-quality videos without breaking their budget – but its cost can be expensive. Explore the top 5 Lumen5 alternatives: software tools with higher value at lower costs in this article!

What is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a powerful AI video editor. Lumen5 is the quickest video creator since videos can be made in minutes.

Even beginners can make interesting films in minutes using Lumen5. If you use social media, you will see that this video has been posted everywhere. Marketing, entertainment, and education are covered in these videos. Searches show that 75% of internet traffic is video.


Video editing is time-consuming, thus Lumen5 is the right tool for you. Lumen5 creates captivating videos for social media, ads, and storytelling. You don’t need training or expertise to make videos.

In minutes, you can make beautiful videos. This AI technology lets marketing people concentrate on narrative and event while the system does the hard work. Is Lumen5 free? Yes. Lumen5 offers free trial.

Pros of Lumen5

  • Lumen5 turns blog posts and articles into videos.
  • AI-assisted Lumen5 generates videos in minutes.
  • Start your movie by copying and pasting offline material into Lumen5.
  • The media file’s composition determines text placement.
  • Plug in RSS feeds to build video templates automatically every day.
  • This feature lets you add a blog post or article link to automatically extract the material and fill your script.
  • Natural language processing uses machine learning to highlight keywords in each phrase.
  • Lumen5 provides instant access to millions of images.
  • Free audio and background music are available in thousands.
  • You may trademark your videos with many options.

Why you should consider Lumen5 alternatives?

Lumen5 is a popular video creation platform that allows users to turn text into video using AI-powered technology. However, it is not perfect for every use case, and it may not fit your specific requirements for creating high-quality, professional-looking videos. Some reasons to look for Lumen5 alternatives include:

  • Need for more advanced features, such as 3D animation, custom branding, or integration with other tools.
  • Desire for more control over the video creation process, from scripting to editing to distribution.
  • Requirement for a specific video format, resolution, or aspect ratio that Lumen5 does not support.
  • Concerns about data privacy, security, or ownership, as Lumen5 collects and analyzes user data for optimization purposes.

If any of these apply to you, keep reading to discover our top recommendations for Lumen5 alternatives. Let’s dive into!

Top 5 Best Lumen5 alternatives

Did you know that video content contributes an average of 59% to total online traffic every year? That’s why so many businesses are looking for the best best video maker to create compelling video content quickly and cost-effectively.

Undoubtedly, Lumen5 is one of the competition’s front runners. But if your needs require a different approach or feature set, there are plenty of alternatives. Below we present our list of five top Lumen5 alternatives – each featuring unique features and services that can be used to get quality results in a short amount of time. So let’s dive right in!


InVideo is a simple online video editor that lets beginners make professional films in minutes. It offers a powerful editing suite, completely customizable templates, a large stock media collection, and menu choices only seen in commercial platforms. As illustrated below, it lets you combine templates to make a unique film. Start editing with InVideo’s free account.

One of the best Lumen5 Alternatives: Invideo
One of the best Lumen5 Alternatives: Invideo

InVideo is a great alternative to Lumen5 that offers professional and personal use. It has over 5,000 templates and 8 million stock videos and photos that cover almost every use-case and industry. Whether you’re a social media marketer, a business owner, or a YouTube creator, InVideo has what you need.

InVideo Key Features

  • 5000+ editable templates: InVideo provides templates for logo reveals and instructive films.
  • 8M+ stock assets: Need an intro or outro clip? Want a professional video without filming? InVideo’s huge stock assets catalog allows that.
  • Enables you to brand your videos: InVideo lets you put your company’s watermark and select your font and colors.
  • Turn text to video in one click with 50+ themes, context-matching visuals, and a natural-sounding voice that reads the words.
  • Unlimited users: Add many team members to your dashboard to edit and contribute on videos instead of requesting approvals and comments.
  • Quick chat support on the video editor: If you get stuck editing a video, InVideo chat assistance is available on the dashboard.


Pictory is a powerful AI video creator that allows you to produce and edit professional-quality text-based videos. White-labeling tools in Pictory allow users to brand films with unique logos, colors, and fonts. Add intros and outros.


Transcription is available in Pictory. It transcribes video speech and lets users retain or cut text. This program supports over 20 languages to reach millions of people worldwide.

It quickly creates professional-looking videos from texts without technological skills. Pictory is cloud-based, meaning it doesn’t need a download.

Pictory Key Features

  • Create high-quality movies from articles or scripts in minute
  • Create movies using your blog articles’ URLs
  • Use your old things in new ways
  • Automatically caption and subtitle videos
  • Great customer service
  • Synthetic voice-overs
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Access to a Massive Library of Stock Footage and Images
  • Automated script-video sync


Renderforest promises to make it easy to make broadcast-quality videos quickly. It has a simple interface and a huge number of templates and presets with high-quality animation and graphics. These make Renderforest one of top video editing software.

With its built-in wizard, this free online video editor is almost impossible to learn. It also has everything you need to brand your business, like a logo, graphics, and website maker.


Users have also said that its customer service is very quick. Overall, it’s a great tool for basic edits like cutting, trimming, adding music and voice-over, etc. But this might not be for you if you want a more advanced video editor.

Renderforest is a Lumen5 alternative ideal for entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses trying to create stunning content for their social platforms. Their video templates and presets are particularly exceptional for promotional videos, presentations, explainer videos, etc.

Renderforest Key Features

  • It has a huge library of presets, templates, and toolkits that can be changed to fit your needs
  • Access to stock footage and a video editor that is easy to use.
  • You can post right to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube from the platform
  • Apps for Android and iOS that let you make videos on the go
  • A modern, high-quality video library with more than 300 video templates that are organized by theme and social media platform
  • Built-in wizard that makes more suggestions based on what you write
  • It syncs your video to the music in a flash so you can make music videos
  • Gives you access to a library of commercially licensed music that you can use in your projects
  • Flexible subscription plans


Filmora, an affordable alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro, is a full-featured video editing program. Filmora is the best video editing software.


It allows advanced users to customize text and video using overlays, animated components, transitions, visual and audio effects. Filmora Wondershare, a professional editing suite for intermediate and advanced filmmakers, outperforms Lumen5.

Filmora Key Features

  • Powerful editing suite with GIF support, noise reduction, color correction, sophisticated text editor, audio mixer, video stabilization, scene identification, and audio equalization
  • Multi-track editing, keyframing, video tracking, split screen settings, audio ducking, and green screen support
  • Exclusive transitions, filters, titles, and motion components
  • Cheaper than high-end video editing packages with keyframing, green screen editing, and color correction
  • 4K editing support


VEED claims to be the biggest online video editor. The startup promises to provide the greatest online video platform for producing, editing, and increasing your audience, supported by a remote crew.


You can rapidly add text subtitles, effects, and royalty-free music to your movies. VEED promotes your brand and enhances your videos regardless of your skill.

VEED‘s auto video editor doesn’t need any training. Videos may be customized with animations, sound effects, filters, and subtitles in any language. VEED is the best editing software.

VEED Key Features

  • Screen recording is provided.
  • A modest assortment of text and filter effects. Pick and drop emojis, progress bars, shapes, etc. (All visual components are resizable, rotatable, and distortable)
  • Free audio transcription is offered. VEED automatically creates subtitles from your uploaded audio.
  • As long as words are clear, it’s also quite accurate. Cleansing the audio first improves the outcomes.
  • Audio transcribing’s non-English capability is outstanding. Asian languages are among others.
  • Draw using the free version. Using a drawing pad. Video drawings may be rich and distinctive.
  • Export settings emphasize social media. Stop looking for the ideal Instagram video size, Yourube video upload format, etc.

Conclusion: The best Lumen5 Alternatives?

The Lumen5 alternatives presented in this article offer a variety of video creation tools that can help you create quality videos quickly and effectively. Whatever your business needs may be, there is sure to be a solution here that meets your budget and fits with your video goals. Crafting video content has never been easier, so don’t hesitate to use one of these great tools to get started on making the best videos for your business!

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