BIGVU Review: Teleprompter is as excellent as a human

BIGVU Review: Teleprompter is as excellent as a human
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Hello everyone, today in this BIGVU review you will know what BIGVU is. Details about the features it offers and to consider whether it is really worth it or not? Read on to see the section for you.

What is BIGVU?

With Bigvu, you can easily create professional-looking videos with your smartphone or tablet. Bigvu offers a wide range of features including: automatic captions, music, and green screen replacement. Plus, Bigvu also includes a teleprompter feature that makes it easy to record videos with scripts. Bigvu is an all-in-one video editing App that is easy to use and has powerful features. With Bigvu, you can create videos quickly and easily with no prior experience required.

BIGVU Homepage
BIGVU Homepage

In addition to the teleprompter and captioning features: most personal TV studios also include powerful editing software. This means that you can not only produce great videos but also make any necessary last-minute changes or corrections. Plus, it’s easy to use. You don’t need any prior experience or special equipment. With Bigvu, you can create a high-quality show that’s perfect for any audience.

Why Would You Use Bigvu?

  • Bigvu is a comprehensive video tool that offers a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more to create professional content. Bigvu review can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating marketing videos, training videos, or even just recording a family vacation.
  • The teleprompter feature is great for those who need to give a presentation or record themselves speaking.
  • The automatic captions are perfect for those who want to create videos with subtitles or for those who have a hearing impairment.
  • The music feature allows you to add royalty-free music to your video, which can help set the mood or make the video more professional.
  • The collaboration feature makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same project at the same time.
  • Lastly, the editing features make it easy to tweak and perfect your video before publishing.

Advantages and disadvantages of BIGVU


  • BIGVU review is the best remote photography app on the market. It saves cost and the quality along with the features is excellent.
  • Bigvu allows you to upload a prepared script from your computer and use your phone or tablet as a remote camera. I like that you have the ability to use both the computer and the application at the same time.
  • It’s easy to upload text and be able to do everything on your phone.
  • Not only does it act as a great remote camera, but it also adds subtitles and soundtracks. It’s very easy to use, supports multiple languages, and just works.
  • The software integrates a lot of great features for content creators. The graphical interface is very simple and minimal; yet intuitive and well designed for mobile devices. Features such as closed captioning; telephoto to view selfies and basic editing to crop and export clips are both very useful.
  • The teleprompter feature is a prominent process in this video tool. You can prepare your script and read it on your smartphone while filming, then move on to adding subtitles and editing your video all in one tool.


  • The user interface is not the best, especially on desktop/web. Also, it looks like it requires their server to process the video and this will be a bit slow. But nothing hurts productivity.
  • I don’t have any major complaints about this app. I guess a help file would be beneficial for some.

The best features of BIGVU

Of course, BIGVU wouldn’t be one of the best video editing apps for no reason, here are its benefits:

BIGVU Teleprompter

  • The teleprompter feature on Bigvu review is one of the most helpful tools for creating concise, engaging narration. The text will scroll across the screen of your camera as you read, keeping you focused and on track.
  • This is a great feature for those who are new to public speaking or video narration or those who want to ensure a polished and professional appearance.

BIGVU Teleprompter

You Can Control All

  • The Big vu top has many features that allow you to have complete control over your recording. You can control the scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording, lock auto-exposure, as well as adjust the lighting to make your setup perfect.
  • This makes it a powerful tool for any user looking to create high-quality recordings.

Subtitles To Your Videos Just 1 Click

  • As a business owner, you know that video is a powerful marketing tool. And as a marketer, you also know that adding subtitles to your videos can help you reach a wider audience. But creating subtitles can be a time-consuming process.
  • Now there’s an easy way to overlay subtitles to your videos without having to spend hours typing them out. With Bigvu review you can make it easy to create and overlay subtitles in minutes.

how to use bigvu teleprompter
Automatically Transcribes Your Video

  • With Bigvu review, you can automatically transcribe your video into a storyboard with captions that perfectly match your narration. This makes it easy to create engaging, informative videos that capture your audience’s attention.
  • Big vu’s transcription feature is fast and accurate, so you can be sure that your videos will be of the highest quality. Additionally, the captions are automatically synced with the audio, so there is no need to worry about timing or accuracy.

Upload Your Videos Shared Cloud Workspace

  • With Bigvu review you can Upload your videos to a shared cloud workspace for team members to review, edit, and publish your content.
  • This top feature of Big vu allows for efficient teamwork and an easy way to keep everyone on the same page. No more missed deadlines or confused team members – with Big vu, you’re in control!

Motion Titling

  • Bigvu review is a top-tier video creation platform that also offers motion titling. With this feature, you can display headlines on the lower-third screen section.
  • You have a range of minimalist titling to full-blown options to choose from. This is an ideal way to create engaging videos that capture attention and convey your message effectively.

Replacing Green Screens Of Your Choice

  • Bigvu review is a top video management platform with Chroma Key capabilities. Chroma Key is an effect that allows you to replace the green screen in your videos with the background or video loop of your choice.
  • Bigvu review makes it easy to add this effect to your videos, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video editor. With Bigvu, you can easily create professional-looking videos with stunning backgrounds and effects.

Compare BIGVU Price with Group buy BIGVU Price

BIGVU price & Plan

As for the price, you’ll be happy to know that the BIGVU review is also affordable. You can start creating professional-quality videos. While the pricing plans are already affordable, you can save even more through any of the deals the BIGVU pricing homepage has to offer for a limited time. You can also try BIGVU for free before using the paid plans. See more.

BIGVU Pricing


$14.99/month or $89 a year

  • Includes 1 user
  • Up to 2 devices
  • Videos up to 9 min
  • Mobile Teleprompter
  • Web Desk for Scripting


$39/month or $139 a year

  • Includes 1 user
  • Up to 2 devices
  • Videos up to 59 min
  • Desktop & Mobile Teleprompter
  • Live Streaming to Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn
  • Customize Color & Fonts


$149/month or $499 a year

  • Includes 5 users
  • 1 shared workspace
  • 1 shared media library
  • Up to 2 devices per user
  • Videos up to 59 min
  • Desktop & Mobile Teleprompter
  • Live Streaming to Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn
  • Customize Color and Fonts

Just the price and features of each package from the BIGVU homepage, is it even cheaper when you want to try it but are afraid of the cost? Sure we have. Read on to see pricing from our BIGVU group buy.

Group buy BIGVU price from Tool YouTube

BIGVU group buy

  • Now you no longer have to worry about the price when you want to use BIGVU. We have BIGVU available for only $40 for 1 year. And when you buy it, you will receive a personal Workspace account.
  • Bigvu group buy is a great way to start creating marketing videos, training videos, or even just documenting a family vacation. Use this important tool for a single transaction by paying just $40.

Conclusion – BIGVU Review

Minimalistic but immensely powerful, BIGVU review is an essential app for creators that don’t always have the time or budget to invest in a complete desktop setup for video editing. By targetting the smartphone market, BIGVU is a comprehensive video tool for anyone, making it easier for everyone to start making engaging videos.

On top of its features, it also has a collaboration feature that makes it easy to work with other people, while the pricing is very affordable compared to its competitors. Lastly, it’s easy to use and requires no prior editing experience to start making professional-looking videos. Learn more about BIGVU review by clicking here. Thanks for visiting!

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