Filmstro Review: The Perfect Soundtrack Solution For Filmmakers

Filmstro Review: The Perfect Soundtrack Solution for Filmmakers
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Looking for the perfect soundtrack solution for your next film project? Check out our Filmstro review to see why it’s a must-have tool for filmmakers. We will explore the pros and cons of Filmstro to help you make an informed decision.

What is Filmstro?

Filmstro is a user-friendly royalty-free music platform launched in 2016 by Sebastian Jaeger. It offers a diverse collection of a few thousand tracks from various genres and moods, making it convenient for filmmakers to find the perfect sound for their projects.


With Filmstro, users can easily browse the library, preview tracks, and download the desired files with just a simple click. The platform also includes a movie soundtrack maker that allows fine-tuning of music by adjusting elements like depth, power, and momentum, enabling filmmakers to create customized soundtracks without requiring in-depth musical knowledge.

Filmstro Review: Pros and Cons

Filmstro allows filmmakers to create customized soundtracks. Filmstro benefits from its easy interface and large music collection. However, this platform’s pros and negatives should be considered. To assist you decide, we’ll analyze Filmstro’s benefits and downsides.

Pros of Filmstro:

  • Easy to Use: Filmstro provides clean, attractive, and user-friendly interfaces on both the website and the app, making it accessible for beginners.
  • Decent Music Library: Despite its smaller size, Filmstro’s music library offers quality tracks that can be customized and adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Good Software Availability: The desktop apps for Mac and Windows provided by Filmstro are powerful and well-functioning, enhancing the user experience.
  • Extensions for Editing Software: With browser extensions for Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, Filmstro allows seamless integration with popular editing software, enabling easy editing of soundtracks within the editing environment.
  • Play Audio on Repeat: Filmstro enables users to loop audio tracks for continuous playback by adjusting metrics such as power, depth, and momentum.
  • Appreciable Support: Filmstro’s email support is responsive, friendly, and helpful, ensuring timely assistance within 24 hours.

Cons of Filmstro:

  • No Preview on App: Filmstro app lacks the ability to preview songs before adding them to the sound editor, requiring the entire audio to be downloaded first, consuming bandwidth and storage space.
  • Limited Audio Collection: Although Filmstro’s music library contains around a thousand tracks, it is relatively small. However, users can generate multiple versions from the same track by manipulating the power, depth, and momentum settings.

Who should use Filmstro?

Thousands of filmmakers worldwide use Filmstro. Filmstro is ideal for cinematic soundtrack for your passion project, short film, or long-form production.

Filmstro helps anybody modify music. If you:

  • Freelance videographer or editor?
  • Vlogs, B-rolls, documentaries, short films, etc.
  • Desire to perfect music?
  • Edit wedding or cinematic shots

How Does Filmstro Work?

Creating a soundtrack with Filmstro is a simple three-step process:

Step 1. BROWSE: Explore a wide selection of over 60 albums featuring exclusive and carefully curated high-quality content. Find the perfect track for your project.

Category Search
Category Search

Step 2. EDIT: Use the Filmstro App to customize your chosen track. Fine-tune and adjust various elements to create a unique and tailored piece of music that fits your project perfectly.


Step3. EXPORT: Once you’re satisfied with your edited soundtrack, export it as a high-resolution WAV file. This file is ready to be seamlessly integrated into your final edit, adding a professional touch to your project.

With these three easy steps, Filmstro empowers you to create custom soundtracks with ease and precision, enhancing the overall impact of your creative endeavors.

Top highlight features of Filmstro

Filmstro offers a range of top highlight features that set it apart as a powerful tool for filmmakers. These standout features make Filmstro a valuable asset in the hands of filmmakers seeking to elevate their storytelling through the power of music.

Filmstro Royalty free music library

Filmstro’s royalty-free music library offers a diverse collection of thousands of tracks, catering to various genres and types of movies. What sets Filmstro apart is the ability to customize each track further using the built-in editor and by adding hits and beats. This customization potential allows users to create an unlimited number of unique and original tracks.

Filmstro Royalty free music library
Filmstro Royalty free music library

To begin exploring the library, users can select their favorite genre, such as Ambient, Cinematic, Classical, Electronic, Hip Hop, and more. Alternatively, they can choose tracks based on mood, including options like be careful, be happy, don’t roast me, play fair, and so on. Additionally, filters like Movie genre or specific instrumental canons like piano or drums can be used for a more refined search.

FilmstroPro V4

FilmstroPro V4 introduces the latest iteration of Filmstro’s audio adaptive technology. Founder Sebastian Jaeger had always envisioned a browser-based solution, but it was only now, with advancements in technology, that FilmstroPro V4 has become a reality. Accessible through the Filmstro Web App, this cloud-based version inherits the same user-friendly approach as the desktop app but eliminates the need for powerful hardware.

FilmstroPro V4
FilmstroPro V4

With FilmstroPro V4, simply select your video within the WebApp and explore a wide range of rights-cleared tracks. Choose the one that best fits your project, and using three slider controls, make desired changes to the soundtrack.

Once you’re satisfied, render the final result and download it as a .wav file. Your project will be securely stored in your Filmstro web account, allowing easy access for future edits.

FilmstroPro V4 with the Filmstro Web App offers a convenient and efficient way to browse, customize, and download tracks for your projects, all without the need for high-end hardware or complex software installations.


Templates offer a helpful starting point, particularly for new users. After selecting a track, you have the option to make manual adjustments or choose from preset templates like Hero, Action, or Suspense. Each template automatically adds keyframes and adjusts the Momentum, Depth, and Power sliders to demonstrate different results, making it easier to achieve desired effects.

Sync Beat Markers

Sync Beat Markers enhances the editing process. Each audio track in the Filmstro Library is equipped with visible beat markers, allowing users to easily adjust and synchronize them with keyframe edits. This functionality is particularly beneficial when you need to align the track with specific scenes in your video.

Sync Beat Markers
Sync Beat Markers

By sliding the beat markers along the track, Filmstro simplifies the synchronization process, making it more convenient to achieve seamless integration between the music and your keyframe modifications. This feature proves valuable when you aim to synchronize your music precisely with a particular scene in your video.

Keyframe Graph Editor

The Keyframe Graph Editor in Filmstro general offers a convenient way to modify the momentum, depth, and power of your track in real-time while it is playing. This tool allows you to make live adjustments, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune the desired effect.

Keyframe Graph Editor
Keyframe Graph Editor

Alternatively, if you prefer a more precise editing approach, you can manually tweak the keyframes to achieve the desired outcome. Whether you choose to make live changes or manually adjust keyframes, the Keyframe Graph Editor empowers you with greater control over the overall feel and impact of your track.

Audition feature

The Audition feature is another time-saving tool, allowing you to preview changes made to the 3 slider controls without actually applying them to the track. When the Audition switch is activated, the timeline is greyed out to prevent accidental modifications to the music.

Snap feature

Additionally, users can now apply changes to entire music blocks, enabling adjustments to the volume and intensity of specific sections according to creative intentions. The Snap feature can be enabled to transform each continuous slider into a 3-stage control within a block, facilitating smoother transitions. By applying transitions and fine-tuning them, users can create seamless and cohesive passages in their music.

Filmstro Pricing

Filmstro offers three pricing plans: YouTuber, PRO, and PRO PLUS. Below are the details:

  • The YouTuber plan is for personal projects and social media, priced at $14.99/month or $8.25/month billed annually ($99/year). There’s also a lifetime option for $189. It covers YouTube, film festivals, free games/apps/podcasts, and select social channels.
  • The PRO plan is for unlimited online client and commercial work. It costs $37.99/month or $20.75/month billed annually ($249/year). A lifetime license is available for $299. It includes everything in the YouTuber plan, plus premium tracks, commercial use, custom music commission, and more.
  • The PRO PLUS plan is for TV, radio, streaming, and theatrical use. It is priced at $74.99/month or $41.50/month billed annually ($498/year). A lifetime license can be purchased for $599. Filmstro pro download includes everything in the PRO plan, with added coverage for film festival distribution, TV, radio, VOD, and theatrical release.
Filmstro Pricing
Filmstro Pricing

Join our Filmstro group buy today and unlock the power of dynamic and customizable music for your videos. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to access Filmstro’s premium features at a discounted rate, making your creative projects stand out with professionally composed soundtracks.

Conclusion: Filmstro Review

In conclusion, Filmstro is a game changer for filmmakers when it comes to creating the perfect soundtrack for their films. With its intuitive user interface and extensive library of high-quality music tracks, Filmstro allows you to customize and fine-tune the music to fit your specific needs, truly immersing your audience in the story you’re telling.

So if you’re a filmmaker looking to enhance the emotional impact of your films, give Filmstro a try. You won’t be disappointed!


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