Top 10 Best Epidemic Sound Alternatives For Royalty-Free Music

Top 10 Best Epidemic Sound Alternatives For Royalty-Free Music
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EpidemicSound is a popular platform for royalty-free music, but if you’re looking for alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, Tool Youtube share the top 10 best Epidemic Sound alternatives, so you can find the perfect music for your projects without breaking the bank.

What is Epidemic Sound?

Epidemic Sound is a Swedish company founded in 2009 that provides royalty-free music for commercial use. They offer a huge library of high-quality music and sound effects that can be used in videos, podcasts, advertisements, and more.

Epidemic Sound
Epidemic Sound

Some key things to know about Epidemic Sound:

  • Library has over 30,000 tracks spanning many genres like pop, rock, jazz, electronic, etc. New tracks added weekly.
  • Music is royalty-free, so you only pay a subscription fee for unlimited access, rather than paying per track used. This makes it very budget-friendly.
  • Used by major companies like Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Google, and more. Very popular among content creators on YouTube and TikTok.
  • Excellent search functionality to find the perfect track by mood, genre, instruments, etc. Can preview tracks to test them out.
  • Commercial royalty free music: No attribution required. You have commercial license to use the tracks how you wish.

Overall, Epidemic Sound offers a high-quality library of music at an affordable price point. It’s a top choice for many content creators and businesses.

Why You Need to Consider Epidemic Sound Alternatives

While Epidemic Sound has many benefits, there are also reasons you may want to consider alternatives:

  • Cost – Epidemic Sound plans start at $15/month for solo creators, which can add up over time. Alternatives may offer lower price points.
  • Limited downloads – With Epidemic Sound, you can only download tracks while your subscription is active. Alternatives may allow purchases for lifelong access.
  • Music variety – While Epidemic Sound has a large music library, competitors may offer different genres, niche tracks, or unique audio content.
  • Platform features – Alternatives may offer capabilities like advanced search, playlists, mobile apps, content management and more.
  • Ownership – Some sites allow you to own tracks outright versus Epidemic Sound’s royalty-free license during your subscription.
  • New music – Other platforms may add new music selections at a faster rate than Epidemic Sound.

Basically, even though Epidemic Sound is an industry leader, you may find a competitor better suits your budget, music needs and how you use royalty-free tracks. Checking out alternatives can give you more options.

Top 10 Best Epidemic Sound Alternatives

EpidemicSound is a popular platform for royalty-free music, but if you’re looking for alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I share the top 10 best Epidemic Sound alternatives, so you can find the perfect music for your projects without breaking the bank. Here are the top 10 royalty free music sites to consider for your royalty-free music needs.


Artlist offers a library of over 1 million royalty-free tracks for $199/year. The music spans many styles from cinematic to rock to electronic. You can download tracks directly in high quality MP3 or WAV format. Artlist adds over 600 new tracks each month, so the music stays fresh.


They also offer sound effects and 360-degree audio content. Overall, Artlist is a top choice due to their massive library, competitive pricing, and advanced search features.

Some benefits of Artlist include:

  • Affordable yearly pricing
  • Huge frequently updated music library
  • Downloads available even after subscription ends
  • Helpful categories and filters when searching
  • Mobile app to access tracks on the go


Filmstro provides royalty-free music for video creators starting at $15/month. They offer tracks tailored specifically for YouTube, TikTok, social media videos, ads, and more.


Just select your platform and genre to find the perfect track. Filmstro makes it simple to set the right vibe for your online videos with music made for social media.

Benefits of Filmstro:

  • Made for online video platforms
  • Easy search by mood, genre, video type
  • Track lengths perfect for social media
  • New releases added weekly
  • Free trial available


SOUNDRAW offers music downloads starting at $34.95 for 25 tracks. You have commercial rights to use the music how you wish after purchase.


The library includes over 300,000 tracks in genres like pop, electronic, hip hop, and more. If you need a cost-effective way to download a high volume of music, SOUNDRAW is a great pick.

Why choose Soundraw?

  • Huge music collection
  • Affordable credits-based pricing
  • Various download formats available
  • Keep all downloaded tracks forever
  • Advanced search filters like mood, genre, instruments


Videvo provides not just music but also stock videos, sound effects, motion graphics and more. Access starts at $16/month. You can browse their massive media library or use search tools to find the perfect addition for your project.

Videvo suits creators needing an all-in-one media solution.


Benefits of Videvo:

  • One subscription for music, videos, SFX, graphics
  • Search by mood, genre, keywords, or popularity
  • New content added daily
  • DRM-free downloads in original quality
  • 7-day free trial


Storyblocks offers an extensive stock media library with subscriptions starting at $39/month. In addition to music, they provide video, images, graphics, templates and more. You have access to unlimited downloads within your membership. Storyblocks is the best place for copyright free music when you need both music and visual media content.


Why use Storyblocks?

  • Huge resource of music, videos, images, templates
  • Different plans based on content needs and budget
  • Easy-to-use search tools and filters
  • New files added weekly
  • Licenses for commercial, broadcast, online use


Audiio has a music library with over 200,000 tracks for both individual and business use. Licensing starts at $199/year for unlimited personal downloads. You can browse by genre, mood, duration, instruments and more to find the perfect fit. Audiio balances robust features with a straightforward purchasing model.


Benefits of Audiio:

  • best free copyright free music
  • Made for solo creators and businesses
  • Affordable yearly pricing for personal use
  • Easy keyword and advanced search options
  • New music added daily
  • DRM-free high quality downloads

Motion Array

Motion Array offers not just music but also stock video, sound effects, After Effects templates and more, starting at $29/month. You can browse unique motion graphics, fonts, illustrations and video effects. Motion Array suits creators needing diverse media and graphics.

Motion Array
Motion Array

Highlights of Motion Array:

  • All-in-one library of media, graphics, templates, royalty free sound tracks
  • Unlimited downloads with membership
  • Search or browse by category
  • New files added daily
  • Great for motion graphics


AudioJungle – best royalty free music for filmmakers. Lets you purchase tracks individually rather than via a subscription. Their marketplace offers over 950,000 music and sound effect files starting at $1. Prices are set by composers. If you want to handpick tracks without a subscription, AudioJungle is a top choice.


Why AudioJungle?

  • Creative commons free music
  • Huge marketplace of audio files
  • Purchase only the tracks you need
  • Affordable à la carte pricing
  • Charts show trending and bestselling
  • Can request custom composed music


PremiumBeat provides a curated music library focused on exclusive copyright free music for videos, for commercial use. Licensing starts at $49 for a single track. You can also get discounted packs of 5, 25, or 125 tracks. For exclusive music you won’t find elsewhere, PremiumBeat is a smart pick.


Benefits of PremiumBeat:

  • Specializes in exclusive music
  • More tailored collection vs massive libraries
  • Simple pricing for individual tracks
  • Weekly music releases
  • Also offer video and sound effects


Soundly offers sound effects alongside music with subscription plans starting at $14/month. Browse over 1 million license free sound effects for any production need. If you specifically need sound effects in addition to music, Soundly is worth exploring.


Why choose Soundly?

  • Made specifically for sound effects
  • Tools to layer, edit, and customize sounds
  • Search using keywords or descriptors
  • New sounds added frequently
  • Free trial available


While Epidemic Sound is a leader in royalty free music, there are many excellent alternatives worth considering for your video projects, podcasts, streams, and more. Services like Artlist, Filmstro, and Soundraw offer large music libraries at reasonable prices. Marketplaces like AudioJungle let you purchase individual tracks. And resources like Videvo, Storyblocks, and Motion Array provide music alongside other media assets.

Evaluate your budget, music needs, and how you plan to use tracks before choosing the best Epidemic Sound alternative for your specific use case. And don’t be afraid to test out multiple services via free trials before subscribing. The options covered in this article are a great starting point to discover the platform that best suits your creative vision and business. With the right music choice, you can make content that resonates with audiences and stands out from the crowd.

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