Pixelied Review – Create Stunning Designs in Seconds

Pixelied Review – Create Stunning Designs in Seconds
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We’d like to welcome you to the Pixelied review.

Pixelied is a revolutionary graphic design tool that is similar to Canva & Crello. It allows you to create images posts for blogs or social media accounts, among other things.

After extensively testing the tool for a couple of days, we came across an array of very interesting tools that we’re going to go over this morning.

It’s a Pixelied review was written for those who are a marketer or who is unable to develop graphics from scratch.

Let’s begin our Pixelied review.

What is Pixelied ?

Pixelied is an user-friendly design tool that lets you to design stunning, ready-to-use designs with 25+ designs and millions images from stock.

Invite, work, and communicate your thoughts with colleagues in various workspaces for brands.

Pixelied is an easy-to-use design tool. It lets you design advertising collaterals, modify images, and make mockups without needing to hire an artist. This can all be done through your own efforts or by using templates already created.

Pros and Cons of Pixelied

If you’re looking to learn about its pros and cons keep the reading Pixelied Review.

The pros

  • The most appealing feature of Pixelied is that it has an Icon as well as Vector Collection! It is possible to find millions of illustrations, and then edit the colors to suit your preferences.
  • Their plan is pretty impressive. Additionally, they are working on it in a speedy manner. We were able to discover a variety of new features when we were using it recently as opposed to a few weeks earlier!
  • Recently, compared to some weeks ago! They’ve added search features and export functions, as well as updated templates and mockups and many more. Therefore, they are trying to improve their software.
  • It’s a very easy tool to make use of!

The pros

  • It takes a long time load the images that are pre-designed. Clearing your cache or running it in incognito mode, resolves the issue.
  • The search bar isn’t present under the Illustrations tab.
  • There is currently an app for mobile devices that works with this tool. It is only possible to work with Pixelied using its web-based version. I’m hoping they’ll create mobile apps in the near future.
  • Pixelied is designed for the purpose of creating images. There aren’t any options to include music, videos or animations, as are available on Crello and Canva.

Features of Pixelied

The most significant aspects from Pixelied will be discussed in the following segment of this Pixelied review.

Ready-made Templates 

Pixelied currently offers more than 1,500 templates that can be used for various purposes. Below are the formats they have available at the moment.


  • Facebook Post
  • Facebook Page Cover
  • Facebook Profile Cover
  • Facebook Story
  • Facebook Event Cover
  • Facebook Group Cover


  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Ad


  • Youtube Channel Art
  • YouTube End Screens
  • Youtube Thumbnails


  • Twitch Panel
  • Twitch Offline Banner
  • Twitch Profile Banner

Other Social Media

  • Twitter Post
  • LinkedIn Post
  • Pinterest Pin
  • Other Social Media


  • Blog Image Featured
  • Soundcloud
  • Email Header
  • Cover Art for Podcasts
  • Etsy Banner
  • Patreon Banner
  • Covers for eBooks
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Wattpad Cover

They provide a vast variety of formats that are commonly used.

Ready-made Templates
Ready-made Templates


If you want to showcase your work to your boss or customers, Pixelied offers templates for mockups. This will enable you to see your design in its the context of.

Mockups are currently focused on screens, including laptops, tablets as well as television monitors. Below is an image of the device you’d like to use for the mockup of.


To illustrate we have utilized for the iPhone. You can click on the mockup to open the toolbar. You will then look for an “Edit Mockup Contents” button. You can hit this button to launch your editor on this mockup. This is the editor for mockups, to ensure simplicity.

Mockup Editor functions similarly to the image editor in general. The mockup editor lets you edit and include text or images. After you are finished editing, you can select “Done Editing”.

Mockups Editor
Mockups Editor

Then, you’ll be taken right back into the primary editor where you will be able to make final changes on the design.

Stocks Image

Pixelied works together with Pixabay as well as Unsplash. This allows you to seamlessly incorporate images from free stock sources to your layouts.

Stocks Image
Stocks Image

Stocks Image

You can view the pictures in the editor’s right-hand sidebar and pick the sources you’d like the image to be sourced from.

The integration of HTML0 is incredible as the workflow is more fluid , without having to open extra tabs.

Select “My Files” to upload your photos.


Pixelied offers a vast assortment of illustrations. Pixelied allows you to pick from 18 categories and modify them in Pixelied’s editor.


It is also possible to download SVG files and use them in the future. This is an excellent feature.


Pixelied lets you select from hundreds of font styles. What’s more? You can upload your own fonts here.

Recently, they’ve included to their Live Fonts feature, which lets you preview fonts by hovering your mouse over them.

If you are happy with a particular font you like, just click the font to use it on your design.


The only drawback is that the font templates pre-made are not scalable.

Background remover

Background Remover is a powerful tool that lets you take any background off any photo. It can be used with an editor for creating images, or independently.

Background remover
Background remover

After several months of development and testing, Pixelied has launched its native tool for removing background images. It’s extremely efficient and is able to erase backgrounds fast and effectively.

Brand Presets

This is the most recent feature that has been added to Pixelied. Brand Preset Brand Preset helps you alter the templates that are available to meet the branding’s requirements. It is located in the left-hand sidebar once you select a workspace. A wide variety of presets from brands are available for the workspace.

It lets you to

  • Create a logo for your company.
  • Choose the location where your logo will be displayed.
  • Upload or select one of the fonts for headline and subheadline of your preference.
  • Select the colors you want to use. Brand colors.
Brand Presets
Brand Presets

It is able to support SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats for logos. However , SVG format is preferred. SVG format is preferable since it lets you modify the color of the elements.

After you’ve added your pre-set, when you select to select the Brandify option on the template you’re designing Your brand’s definitions will be displayed on the templates. We were very impressed by this feature that allows me to post content on the social networks with me personally branding.

Compare direct purchase price and group buy Pixelied price at Tool Youtube

Are you interested in knowing how much this tool costs ? This Pixelied review guide you.

Pixelied pricing

Pixelied pricing
Pixelied pricing

There are two pricing plans offered by Pixelied the Pixelied free and Pixelied Lifetime with $97 / ONETIME.

With Pixelied for free, you can enjoy basic Pixelied Features three monthly downloads 1 workspace 1GB cloud storage no prioritised assistance.

4000plus premium templates, over 4 million icons and stock photos 100 BG credit-free month 5 brand workspaces two team members unlimited downloads and storage space and brand presets that are unlimited, magic resize, every features upgrades prioritizing support, and a 30-day money-back-guarantee are the features you can expect with Pixelied Lifetime.

For more information on the Pixelied price, visit the Pixelied homepage.

Price of group buy Pixelied

Price of group buy Pixelated
Price of group buy Pixelated

Price of group buy Pixelied

We do not offer Pixelied trial to those who want it, but do not be worried. For a low cost you can get a the Pixelied share account. It costs only $5 per month, and $15 for the year.

Why is the price to buy from us cheap ?

  • The majority of people don’t need expensive equipment in their day-to-day lives. A toolkit for group purchasing was designed to help groups purchase at a lower cost.
  • Pay the developers, and then we receive the account. We then share it with our system, so that other people can also benefit from it.
  • Our prices are lower, but we still offer you the highest level of service.

Conclusion of Pixelied Review

Pixelied review has provided the entire Pixelied’s information.

Pixelied is also a great option for making quick images. When using other programs like Photoshop you must start by downloading images from various sources, and then upload them into the editor.

However, since Pixelied integrates the libraries for images of Unsplash and Pixabay The only thing you have to do is locate images within the editor itself, then drag and drop it onto the canvas, and then add couple of vectors, icons, or even text and your image will be finished!

Thank you for taking the time to read the Pixelied review. If you have any different ideas, leave a message below.

Recommend using the same tool


What is Canva ?

This program is basically the newest addition to the blogosphere. It was introduced at the end of 2012 and has been circulating around the blogging community due to its user interface and its dynamic design software.

The primary distinction that separates Thumbnail Blaster as well as Canva can be that Canva allows you to create a wide range of graphic design projects and not just video thumbnails. It is also possible to create a custom canvas based on the size you want. In addition, the platform gives the possibility to create more than PNG and JPG images.

It is possible to create various pdfs, GIFs or MP4s with the software.


Price on the official website

  • Pro: $119.99per year for up to five people

Pice of group buy Canva Pro

  • Monthly: $5
  • Annual: $9
  • One time: $20


What is Crello ?

Crello is among the most well-known tools for graphic design online. It allows you to create images for ads, social media banners, posters and banners emails, etc. You can edit your pictures to format them correctly for your social media accounts.

The site also has an array of personal and travel or maybe technical blogs, as well as recognition cards for special celebrations. It also has a range of prints and poster ebooks. The Crello software will provide you with a variety of templates designed by skilled professionals in this field, and they are actually working to your needs and needs.


Price from the official site

  • Annually : $96

Price of group buy Crello

  • Monthly: $5
  • Annual: $15

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