Top 5+ Best Freepik Alternatives: Unlimited Graphic Resources For Design

Top 5+ Best Freepik Alternatives: Unlimited Graphic Resources For Design
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Are you looking for Freepik alternatives? Look no further! Here are the top 5+ best Freepik alternative website that offer high-quality images, vectors, and illustrations for all your design needs. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect resource for your next project!

What is Freepik?

Freepik is the greatest online platform offering vectors, icons, and stock pictures for applications, websites, and other creations. The platform only has high-quality graphic designs, unique images, and other graphical materials to enhance your site.


This website has a wide variety of content types, each organized into a distinct category (vector, icons, images, PSD files, etc.). To enhance realism, each part offers choices. Freepik, like others platform, allows you to customize icons and vectors with various colors and forms.

Freepik has an extensive search bar, user-friendly layout, frequent updates with new designs, interaction with the world’s greatest designers, infinite designs, and various categories. As a commercial platform, it offers multiple pricing plans with varied costs and features.

Is Freepik worth it?

  • Freepik’s UI is well-organized. Great, no pop-ups
  • Freepik offers countless photos, vectors, and PSDs
  • Freepik’s premium is worthwhile. Most things are shown
  • Freepik is now my go-to resource for all of my graphic design requirements
  • Graphic materials, themes, and photographs may spark your imagination

Why do you need to looking alternatives to Freepik?

  • Freepik resources are limited without a membership
  • Premiums are quite high
  • Downloads might be slow
  • Models’ homogeneity
  • Multiple-device sign-in is causing a bottleneck
  • Few templates are incompatible with older Adobe applications

5+ Best Freepik Alternatives You Should Check Out

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a small business owner, or a marketer, there is an alternative to Freepik that can meet your needs. So, if you’re ready to branch out and try something new, here are five amazing alternatives that you should definitely check out.


It’s worth mentioning that Pikbest is a significant choice as Freepik alternative vector. Designers often mark items for media publishing design.

Thus, design resource sites like Pikbest are continuously looking. Because brilliant designers from many cultures post designs to Pikbest.

Pikbest offers top-notch design templates. Pikbest offers millions of editable and printable PSD files, Posters, Presentations, Sound Effects, and Videos for business usage. Pikbest templates help you build stunning designs and actualize your ideas.

Freepik Alternatives: Pikbest
Freepik Alternatives: Pikbest

What makes Pikbest one of the best Freepik alternatives?

  • Pikbest Powerpoint: Download free presentations with amazing designs, rich animation effects, motion-like flicks, crisp icons, and 3D models. Pikbest Powerpoint’s free downloads let you create stylish presentations. All templates are easily editable for personal or business usage
  • Pikbest PSD: The PSD graphic shop has many great ideas for banners, posters, catalogs, and cards
  • Pikbest Templates: Find a project template simply. You may develop goods using the graphic library‘s vectors and icons. Pikbest also offers sound effects, soundtracks, photos, and office documents
  • Pikbest Backgrounds: Beautiful themed wallpapers. You may create, make phone wallpaper, computer wallpaper, or print it to frame as a wonderful home decoration picture


Vecteezy is a database of vector graphics, movies, and stock media. Every piece of content may be downloaded at no cost, however there are limitations to using the service without paying a monthly fee. While larger stock picture sites tend to users with more pockets, Vecteezy targets those with more modest budgets, such freelance graphic designers.


What makes Veectezy one of the best Freepik alternatives?

  • Bundles: A bundle is a collection of materials, not simply one. Typically, these resources are made available as a single download by being bundled together in a single folder.’s contributors, like those of any other site, produce bundled sets of resources. Nonetheless, they may include materials that are hard to get elsewhere, such as special typefaces, PowerPoint decks, Photoshop brushes, mock-ups, and so on
  • Vecteezy SVG Editor: This online SVG editor is flexible, supporting both the paid and free tiers. Modifying the properties of preexisting shapes, text, and vector pictures is possible. In contrast, it is too basic and can’t handle complex layouts
  • Multiple Formats: Due to the rapid evolution of technology, new platforms and format requirements arise almost every day. Vecteezy’s ability to convert files to a number of other formats is a major selling point. Regardless of where you are or what device you’re using, you’ll always have access to the material you need and will be able to make any necessary edits
  • License: Vecteezy has three licenses for all of its content: Free, Pro, and Pro Extended. The licenses are different in terms of price, legal guarantee, requirement to give credit, and number of views and copies allowed. Vectors, photos, and videos all have different licenses


Pngtree is a top source for transparent PNG pictures with over 5 million images. Not all photos on this site are PNG. Vector formats exist too (AI).

Pngtree is perfect for commercial usage of transparent PNG images. Professional designers should use Pngtree. This service lets you filter search results by popularity, date uploaded, and download frequency.


What makes PNGTree one of the best Freepik alternatives?

  • Graphic design: PSD, AI with a variety of themes
  • Background PNG: the background is pre-separated, you only need to add PTS or AI tools to design
  • Design templates: Wedding cards, flyers, banners, brochures… with many beautiful templates
  • Fonts: Lots of beautiful and unique text templates
  • Powerpoint: many powerpoint templates for design
  • Illustrator – Icon – Text Effect

Envato PlaceIT

Placeit has hundreds of media stocks, film, and graphic design templates you can change instantly. They provide various beautiful templates and other marketing and branding tools. Placeit gives people the tools to quickly and easily design branded things without technical or creative expertise.


What makes Envato PlaceIT one of the best Freepik alternatives?

Using Placeit, you may access a growing collection of premade layouts. The following can be designed and made using these as guides:

  • Logo: Select an area and explore hundreds of logo templates—you’ll discover one that fits your niche
  • Design templates: No matter what you’re designing—t-shirts, posters, business cards, social media photos, etc.—Placeit should come with a good template
  • High-Resolution Mock-ups: Create t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, caps, etc. Mugs, totes, cushions, phone covers, etc. HR mockups abound
  • A Drag & Drop Videomaker: Create product demonstrations, Instagram stories, and social media marketing videos with Placeit’s simple video creator
  • Gaming: Placeit makes it easy to brand your Twitch channel with assets


One of the Freepik similar is Flaticon, the biggest free icon databases, which offers PNG, SVG, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. It features around 1025000 vector icons in 20314 sets.

This site contains various vector categories with vectors that are continuously updated. Searching for vectors is easy using the search bar. Its icon modification capability is one of its most intriguing features.


Flaticon software has continuous creation, simply manage your collections, store and download infinite items, numerous formats, the most important set of icons, font-face, and more.

Registration with an email address is required. After registering, you may use its features freely.

What makes Flaticon one of the best Freepik alternatives?

  • Plenty of icon styles to explore: Flaticon contains icons for every tone and function you need. Find these icons and similar ones easily. Style categories help you choose
  • Numerous interface icons: The Flaticon UIcons library is a massive attraction. Icons help simplify navigation and UI design. Most icon libraries require UI designers to leave the design tool. Flaticon simplifies this by letting you pick from Figma’s UIcons sets
  • Icon editor with a simple interface: Editing icons highlights Flaticon from other icon libraries. Before downloading, you may customize them for your brand. Thus, you may simply utilize your brand colors in an existing symbol
  • Collections: Make it easy to keep track of your favorite icons. Add icons from various packs to Collections if they work for a project


Developers, designers, and entrepreneurs use UIHUT for design and coding resources. This portal offers hundreds of free and paid web design tools including bootstraps, illustrations, graphic design, templates, and more.

If you want to access contemporary website design and other vital materials that will help you develop a great website, then UIHUT is the appropriate platform for you. You may also utilize hundreds of application UI, mobile UI, icons, and other essential tools to concentrate on user experience rather than user interface.


Website owners realize how important initial impressions are. Your website’s user interface may make or break conversions. UIHUT will provide you access to hundreds of coding tools and premium designs to make your UI design simpler and stress-free.

This platform’s essentials will save you time looking for the greatest tools. If you want to take your next project to another level, then you need to guarantee that you have UIHUT on your side.

What makes UIHUT one of the best Freepik alternatives?

  • Receive unlimited use of over 15,000 templates: UIHUT offers over 15000 website templates, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. You may use any of these templates to develop a professional website with a great user experience
  • Adobe XD, SVG, Figma, and Sketch are supported: UIHUT provides vector-based user experience design tools. Adobe XD, SVG, Figma, and Sketch for productivity and brand consistency. These file formats let you develop realistic prototypes to express your story and accelerate your amazing ideas
  • Utilization 3D Resources: 3D assets—three-dimensional digital files—from UIHUT will provide you access to high-quality items and save time
  • Access to illustrative materials and graphical icons: UIHUT provides online and mobile UI design drawings and icons
  • Create a high-quality website from scratch: This platform gives you professional resources like prebuilt templates, bootstraps, graphics, icons, and flutter applications to design your website easily

Conclusion to Freepik Alternatives

It may be challenging to choose on a single alternative because to the abundance of sites similar to Freepik. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5+ freepik alternative sites, including both free and paid options. Thanks to these alternatives of Freepik that we mentioned above, we hope you’ll be able to expand your library of incredible design assets.

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